Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hutch'n It....

Ok so for the longest time we have searched high and low for this certain space in our kitchen. Well my sweetheart Mr.J found this beauty on Ksl. You can find anything on ksl and for a good deal. We had to drive about an hour to pick her up but I was so pumped! His goal was to have it all finished by christmas, and that he did. It takes alot of time to refinish something this big. FIrst we gutted it Knobs, glass drawers, top from bottom. Then the sanding began, primed then painted. I had an awesome Idea to two tone it like our kitchen table i redid a long time ago. So we stained the top with a dark walnut and the rest is a beautiful white. It turned out so good. Everytime I walk into the kitchen i have to instantly smile!
The old Hutch
 Just stained the top and was drying thats why it looks shiny
 Mr.J bringing her in! I was sooo excited!
 All finished, of course now it has a bunch of cute dishes and some of my fav things on it.


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