Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Surgery Recovery & My Fitness goals

  • After 9 weeks of recovery I am back at it! And when I say back at it i mean weights and everything. I am so so excited it feels so good my friends.  Its been a crazy six months with biopsies and tests ect.  Some of you may be wondering what happened , I had to medically have a hysterectomy in Nov. I am so grateful for such a good doctor that took these months to try everthing possible before going to this surgery. Its been a long recovery both mentally and physically. Who ever said a Hysterectomy recovery is easy there lying ! Ive had all my babies c-section and I thought it would be a breeze .... No. ! 
  • I am not the most patient person on this planet so it has been hard for me. But I am so so grateful our bodies heal and can regenerate themselves. So today I'm back and hitting it hard. (I may be sore tomorrow)
  • Today I'm starting a diet called the keto diet , I hate the word diet in a big way. I think it does something mentally to you when you say diet. The word Im starving comes into play instantly. Anyways Ill be on the keto diet for 7 days which is basically no sugar no carbs no fruit. But  Lots of veggies, proteins, water ect. I will not be hungry on this, you eat every three hours. Then next week ill start back with carbs as usaual ,but no sugar. The reason I'm doing this is not necessarily to loose a bunch of weight but to restart my hormones. 
  • To see if it will help me feel better, more energy ect. 
  • One big thing is water for me. I have abig 32oz mug I got at the hospital . Ive been trying to drink 2 or three of these a day. My complexion is better and i feel better, so drink up !!! 
  • Some of my favorite things to do that i have missed horribly these last 9 weeks have been crossfit. Its fast and intense , and gives me a ton of energy. I also like walking/ running outside or on the treadmill, but more so outside. Im ready for spring! 
  •  Also one other thing i have found a passion for is boxing, it is such a good workout! you work alot of the big muscle groups by doing this,  plus its a huge stress reliever. 
  • Eating right and drinking lots of water is so good for our bodies. We are like machines and we need the good stuff to help make our machines run better. Me personally when i exercise i feel better mentally and i feel better about  myself, and im a nicer mom thats a plus .
  •  Its taking and finding that time for you , just for you. 
  • Know one can do it for you , its up to you to make the choice. It doesn't matter what size you are, God made us all different for multiple reasons. If your taking care of yourself then you can continue on taking care of those around you, and youll feel so good about yourself!
  • With my three kids its hard to find time , but i do . Infact my kids come in and workout with me sometimes lol!
  • My fitness goals for 2016 are not really to loose a bunch of weight maybe 5 lbs but more so to be stronger physically and mentally. Gain more muscle mass.   whos with me ? 
  • Press on my friends and go sweat ! You'll thank me later!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

My feeling on my IRobot Roomba


So let me tell you a little secret! This little machine right here has saved me. As im sitting here typing Its doing its job in my kitchen. Seriously the more i use the Irobot the more in love with it i am. This week ive been crazy cleaning, like blinds, under beds, ect. Im trying to organize my life a bit better.  So for example i cleaned my sons room who had some stuff under his bed. We got everything out and everything off the floor , i shut the door and i let this machine do its work, without worrying about it sucking anything weird up. I was a bit worried how it would work on my carpet because its a bit of a shag. The machine lifts itself up when it needs to go higher or lower depending on height of cleaning. It has cut my cleaning time in half. Also when its done detecting dirt it will go back to its home base which is in my kitchen, and dock itself and recharge. I mean comeon!!! Now when Im done typeing this i will be able to go in my kitchen and mop.
so if you have the money i would give this Irobot a 10 and say its well worth everypenny.
Especially for busy moms like me.  Check out my instagram for more pictures @themaplelane
~ Michelle

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New year.....

Its been a crazy few months around here. I can't believe i haven't blogged for 6 months. In november i ended  up having to have a pretty major surgery . The recovery has been rough and at 9 weeks i can finally say im feeling better. Those that know me know that i am not the most patient person in the world, so its been rough.  But im going into this new year with a grateful heart and a whole new outlook on being grateful each day especially for a healthy body. I started crossfit again this morning well see how sore i am tommorrow.
 My lil girl is my go to with hair, her hair is so pretty. I love this style so i decided to try it on me but instead of leaving the end out i tucked mine underneath and bobby pinned it.  I picked this really cute vest up at my sisters closet . I love to support local boutiques. Plus im always freezing so a light vest is perfect for anyday !

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Easy summer Braid styles

This summer has gotten away from me. I haven't blogged for a long time. (which i don't even think people look at this but its more a hair diary for me.) Summer is hot here. so we want something quick and painless , stylish , but out of your face kinda do. So here are some of our favs. You can follow my instagram page that has more ideas @themaplelane

This is second day hair in this picture. I brushed through my curls to make a loose wave , then added a small hair extension in my front bang then I braided it, then pinned. 

This is so easy!  Part the hair into 2 sections making two ponytails, Braid them, then wrap them around making a bun. I always pin my braids with bobby pins to secure the braid in a bun. Add a cute bow and your done... Don't for get the hairspray!

I think I have showed this before... Start by parting the hair, braid the front bang working your way around the whole head  until your at the end then tuck the ends of the hair underneath the front braid

I look grumpy in this photo! This is second day hair again. I used a clip in  extension because my hair is so thin for fullness.  Part your hair from ear to eat, Clip in extension, backcomb then smooth, then pull all the hair up into a top knot, once again use bobby pins to help secure the hair.

 This day I started from the front bang and actually did two dutch braids right next  to each other on one side then one on the other. Then I braided all the sections together. So cute !

Monday, April 27, 2015

Bang Braid and a Top knot

This is one of the easiest styles, its super cute and east. So on this you basically just dutch braid your bangs , pin it with bobby pins so it will stay in place. Then take the remaining hair and make a top knot or bun.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baptisim Hair

So last week my little sweetie pie choose to be baptized.(what we believe)
Can i just say this day was so amazing! All the days leading up to it were so stressful for me. My youngest had penounima , my husband was out of town, i was running around crazy trying to get last minute things done before saturday. It was crazy, but saturday came and went just like that and it was over & I was sad.I  so needed this spiritual experience i had at her baptisim. She is such a beauty inside and out and I am so grateful she is my daughter. My mom handmade her dress, which took many hand hours it was beyond beautiful and will im sure be an heirloom. Such a labor of love. 

So we had to wake up early so the night before we washed her hair then i just put it up in a top knot on her head so in the morning it was still damp. I did her hair like this a few weeks ago for church and put it on my instagram, so we decieded thats what she wanted to do on her special day.
start with a ducth braid in the front of the hair working back

Then do the other side the same, then  carefully roll the left side making a bun/flower look then pin it , leaving right side out. 
 finished product!
Baptisim Day
so the next day was sunday and we did the same concept only i wrapped the left side in with the right and pinned so there was no hair left out. Then we added the handmade hair peice i had made previously. Isn't she dreamy! 


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Ok so I've been hearing alot about GlamGlow mud. I went over to Dillard's to see what the hype is all about! I about died at the prices! I'm cheap when it comes to makeup ect. I just don't have the extra money to spend on a 70$ bottle of mud. But they did have a smaller size that she said would go far so that is what I decided to try out first before I dive into a large bottle of goodness. And goodness it was.! Ever since I had my last baby my skin is like on a craze! I feel like I'm going through 35 yr old puberty. seriously so annoying. ! For some reason I forgot to take an after picture, I got caught up in putting my Little's to bed. But I can honestly say this stuff is pretty awesome! After I washed it off my face was shiny and really did have a glow to it, and felt tighter!  The next day my blemishes on my forehead were near non existent. They have one that is catered to acne prone skin which I think I may go get! If you've tried it let me know what you think!

(and no the darker spots on my face are not zits, they are globs of mud haha! )