Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baptisim Hair

So last week my little sweetie pie choose to be baptized.(what we believe)
Can i just say this day was so amazing! All the days leading up to it were so stressful for me. My youngest had penounima , my husband was out of town, i was running around crazy trying to get last minute things done before saturday. It was crazy, but saturday came and went just like that and it was over & I was sad.I  so needed this spiritual experience i had at her baptisim. She is such a beauty inside and out and I am so grateful she is my daughter. My mom handmade her dress, which took many hand hours it was beyond beautiful and will im sure be an heirloom. Such a labor of love. 

So we had to wake up early so the night before we washed her hair then i just put it up in a top knot on her head so in the morning it was still damp. I did her hair like this a few weeks ago for church and put it on my instagram, so we decieded thats what she wanted to do on her special day.
start with a ducth braid in the front of the hair working back

Then do the other side the same, then  carefully roll the left side making a bun/flower look then pin it , leaving right side out. 
 finished product!
Baptisim Day
so the next day was sunday and we did the same concept only i wrapped the left side in with the right and pinned so there was no hair left out. Then we added the handmade hair peice i had made previously. Isn't she dreamy! 



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