Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Easy summer Braid styles

This summer has gotten away from me. I haven't blogged for a long time. (which i don't even think people look at this but its more a hair diary for me.) Summer is hot here. so we want something quick and painless , stylish , but out of your face kinda do. So here are some of our favs. You can follow my instagram page that has more ideas @themaplelane

This is second day hair in this picture. I brushed through my curls to make a loose wave , then added a small hair extension in my front bang then I braided it, then pinned. 

This is so easy!  Part the hair into 2 sections making two ponytails, Braid them, then wrap them around making a bun. I always pin my braids with bobby pins to secure the braid in a bun. Add a cute bow and your done... Don't for get the hairspray!

I think I have showed this before... Start by parting the hair, braid the front bang working your way around the whole head  until your at the end then tuck the ends of the hair underneath the front braid

I look grumpy in this photo! This is second day hair again. I used a clip in  extension because my hair is so thin for fullness.  Part your hair from ear to eat, Clip in extension, backcomb then smooth, then pull all the hair up into a top knot, once again use bobby pins to help secure the hair.

 This day I started from the front bang and actually did two dutch braids right next  to each other on one side then one on the other. Then I braided all the sections together. So cute !


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