Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New year.....

Its been a crazy few months around here. I can't believe i haven't blogged for 6 months. In november i ended  up having to have a pretty major surgery . The recovery has been rough and at 9 weeks i can finally say im feeling better. Those that know me know that i am not the most patient person in the world, so its been rough.  But im going into this new year with a grateful heart and a whole new outlook on being grateful each day especially for a healthy body. I started crossfit again this morning well see how sore i am tommorrow.
 My lil girl is my go to with hair, her hair is so pretty. I love this style so i decided to try it on me but instead of leaving the end out i tucked mine underneath and bobby pinned it.  I picked this really cute vest up at my sisters closet . I love to support local boutiques. Plus im always freezing so a light vest is perfect for anyday !


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