Saturday, January 9, 2016

My feeling on my IRobot Roomba


So let me tell you a little secret! This little machine right here has saved me. As im sitting here typing Its doing its job in my kitchen. Seriously the more i use the Irobot the more in love with it i am. This week ive been crazy cleaning, like blinds, under beds, ect. Im trying to organize my life a bit better.  So for example i cleaned my sons room who had some stuff under his bed. We got everything out and everything off the floor , i shut the door and i let this machine do its work, without worrying about it sucking anything weird up. I was a bit worried how it would work on my carpet because its a bit of a shag. The machine lifts itself up when it needs to go higher or lower depending on height of cleaning. It has cut my cleaning time in half. Also when its done detecting dirt it will go back to its home base which is in my kitchen, and dock itself and recharge. I mean comeon!!! Now when Im done typeing this i will be able to go in my kitchen and mop.
so if you have the money i would give this Irobot a 10 and say its well worth everypenny.
Especially for busy moms like me.  Check out my instagram for more pictures @themaplelane
~ Michelle


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