Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Surgery Recovery & My Fitness goals

  • After 9 weeks of recovery I am back at it! And when I say back at it i mean weights and everything. I am so so excited it feels so good my friends.  Its been a crazy six months with biopsies and tests ect.  Some of you may be wondering what happened , I had to medically have a hysterectomy in Nov. I am so grateful for such a good doctor that took these months to try everthing possible before going to this surgery. Its been a long recovery both mentally and physically. Who ever said a Hysterectomy recovery is easy there lying ! Ive had all my babies c-section and I thought it would be a breeze .... No. ! 
  • I am not the most patient person on this planet so it has been hard for me. But I am so so grateful our bodies heal and can regenerate themselves. So today I'm back and hitting it hard. (I may be sore tomorrow)
  • Today I'm starting a diet called the keto diet , I hate the word diet in a big way. I think it does something mentally to you when you say diet. The word Im starving comes into play instantly. Anyways Ill be on the keto diet for 7 days which is basically no sugar no carbs no fruit. But  Lots of veggies, proteins, water ect. I will not be hungry on this, you eat every three hours. Then next week ill start back with carbs as usaual ,but no sugar. The reason I'm doing this is not necessarily to loose a bunch of weight but to restart my hormones. 
  • To see if it will help me feel better, more energy ect. 
  • One big thing is water for me. I have abig 32oz mug I got at the hospital . Ive been trying to drink 2 or three of these a day. My complexion is better and i feel better, so drink up !!! 
  • Some of my favorite things to do that i have missed horribly these last 9 weeks have been crossfit. Its fast and intense , and gives me a ton of energy. I also like walking/ running outside or on the treadmill, but more so outside. Im ready for spring! 
  •  Also one other thing i have found a passion for is boxing, it is such a good workout! you work alot of the big muscle groups by doing this,  plus its a huge stress reliever. 
  • Eating right and drinking lots of water is so good for our bodies. We are like machines and we need the good stuff to help make our machines run better. Me personally when i exercise i feel better mentally and i feel better about  myself, and im a nicer mom thats a plus .
  •  Its taking and finding that time for you , just for you. 
  • Know one can do it for you , its up to you to make the choice. It doesn't matter what size you are, God made us all different for multiple reasons. If your taking care of yourself then you can continue on taking care of those around you, and youll feel so good about yourself!
  • With my three kids its hard to find time , but i do . Infact my kids come in and workout with me sometimes lol!
  • My fitness goals for 2016 are not really to loose a bunch of weight maybe 5 lbs but more so to be stronger physically and mentally. Gain more muscle mass.   whos with me ? 
  • Press on my friends and go sweat ! You'll thank me later!


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