Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow, and Braids ?????

This is how I feel today.....TIRED!!!!!
Seriously? Where is the snow? I can't remember ever it not snowing a ton and ton where I live, and it usually lasts for months. This year has been so weird. As much as I love spring we need the water! I don't really want to be on water limitations this summer with my kids. That would not be very fun! 
so Im going to continue to pray for the white stuff! It would be different if it was warm and sunny, not sunny, freezing inversion air... Blahhhh.
This picture was taken last year around the end of dec.

 The kids and dogs miss alot of white sutff too! You can see the grass at my house ! Come on! 
 This was taken in the fall so I thought I'd share. Take two ponytails in front, braid them. crisscross them so they look like and X. Then make two more ponytails, curl and your done. Seriously so easy and so cute!!!


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