Thursday, March 6, 2014

3 way dutch Braid

Yesterday I felt so blah! I think I have the winter blues a bit! I really wish the sun would make more of an appearance. I was wallowing in myself. Thinking about how I didn't feel good. 
Then I came across this quote.
Forget Yourself,
And Go to Work! Gordon B Hinckley. 
And today that is what I will do! sometimes its easier said then done. 

So today's hair was a 3 way dutch braid, remember that the dutch braid is just like a french braid but you take the pieces of hair under not over each other. 
 (yes I made the bow, its one of those things I love to do as a hobby). 
These pictures don't do it justice, I don't think my galaxy takes that good of pictures but maybe its the photographer lol.


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