Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elastic Ponytail! And our dog....

So we did something fast this morning! I'm still not feeling that great! This is a simple ponytail. You take three sections putting an elastic in each, then the last one put an elastic on the end and your done. Works best on long hair.
  ok lets talk a minute about someone else that lives at our house scroll down....

So Here we have this beauty, She is our chocolate lab and is about three yrs old and is still so wild. I don't know what to do for her. we play with her she is let out most the day. But when she gets bored this is what happens....scroll down
 The dang dog ripped one of our vents off of our house. Yes it was connected to the house. explain that one to me please. I just don't get  her sometimes. so she was put in time out yesterday!
Also I thought spring was here , well I was wrong it is now snowing the biggest snowflakes Ive seen all winter....weird!


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