Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Peel

 Ok So I have to share todays adventure! So my friend that I went to beauty school with is an Estititian and she is awesome! I have had facials before!  But today I did a chemical peel. Yes , I was a bit nervous and yes it burned like there was no tommorrow. I actually  thought my face was on fire thats how hot it was. In highschool I was queen of the tanning bed. And I am paying for it now with fine lines ect. Now that Im older I hate the sun on my face! You should see my friends  skin.... Flawless.!
 It is so important to use sunscreen, even on cloudy days. And use the right products for the skin.
Im also so broke out lately ! Its like Im going through thrity yr old pubertiy I swear! Anyway~
  So this is me right now, its been about an hour since the peel. I look sunburned and a bit pigment/splotchy. But Im excited to see what this does for me.! Thanks Stephanie!!! :)
 Ill post another picture in a few days! Hope full I don't peel like a lizard!


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