Monday, April 7, 2014

Love one another..... Pioneer Dutch braid

First I just have to say how much I loved conference yesterday. If your not Lds it dosnt matter you can still enjoy the uplifiting words from these wise, talented men. It makes you feel so good. One of my favorite talks was that of Thomas Monson. He talked of Loveing one another, treating each other with respect and kindness. Which I wish we would see more of in this crazy world we live in. So if nothing else today just love those around you. Tell them you love them, even if its hard to say you can show them. :)

We are on our spring break so tackling  my lil girl down to do her hair , well lets just say she wasn't happy to sit and have her hair pulled again. :/   She has the most senstive head poor thing. Anyway I was easy on her she only sat for about 5 min. 
We did a very loose dutch braid. You braid it then carfully loosen each strand by pulling on it. Then I take hair from underneath the bottom of pony tail wrap it around then boby pin underneath.
Look below
Half Dutch...
                                         Loosen each strand by carefully pulling on them

                                      Wrap hair from underneath the braid around elastic
secure with bobbypin 
and your done
                                                                  My Pioneer dutch


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