Monday, June 23, 2014


I am a sucker for cute shoes! I will admit I have quite a few pair in my closet. There is something about high heels that makes you feel more femine and sexy to boot. I feel like I am seriously shrinking in size height wise??. At the doctors they measured me and I was like Whatttt? I guess Im not as tall as I thought i was lol. So a  pair of heels helps me with this problem :)
Here is some of my favs from my closet! pairs that I adore! And the best part they werent expensive!

So these beauties I got at good old Target! I love target i wish they were a bit closer to where I live, they have such cute things at a good price!
These I got at my favorite store Contagious! I love supporting small town boutiques, these were a steal and are so so comfortable! So a total win :)
 I get so many complements on these shoes, there from Charlotte Russe online. They are the type you can wear to church, or a hot date then you want them off your feet. But boy are they adorable and no one has them so they are unique!

These are another pair I ordered online from Charolett russe. They are comfy suprisingly . They would be so cute with jeans too.~! I love shoes! Whos with me!!!


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