Thursday, January 30, 2014

Condition It!!!

 Today has been one of those days, No  makeup and still in my sweats. When your kids are sick you gotta do that . Ive been so cold all day and wanted something warm on my head. I love to do this conditon treatment on days like today. So my hair is so dry , beacause I love to color it!  And Ive had an itchy scalp from the dry air from winter. This is two day hair don't judge!!!  So I have this remedy that I love its warm and smells good and my hair is so so soft after I use it!!
So here we go ~
 Take about 1/4 cup Olive oil and one spoonful of coconut . warm them together for about 50sec making coconut oil disolve into the olive oil.
 Use a boar brush or a brush you love ,brush through hair and get your scalp stimulated. 
This helps hair grow(which I am trying to do). Also helps get any knots out, plus it feels sooo good.!

 Part Hair and apply the liquid straigh onto scalp, make sure its not hot! Then work it through the ends.
 Give yourself or have someone do a scalp massage on your head it feels so good!
 We used to do these before every hair cut.My clients loved them. pull it up in a pony tail or put a shower cap on  your head for 15-20min. Wash hair after, let air dry and feel the softness. 
The end


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