Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Laundry Room and Curls....

Todays look: CURLS I washed my hair last night because I knew this morning was going to be a bit crazy. I do have a slight natural curl so when I sleep on it it waves.
This morning, I put mousse in it and diffused it a bit with the blowdryer . I do touch up the straighter peices with a taperd curling wand. Cute, messy, easy. 

SO over the weekend I had a little project up my sleeve. eventually I would love a granite table across the top of my washer and dryer, that will cover the hot and cold output. I found this wallpaper yes I said wallpaper. It was so cheap like 20.00$ for 2rolls. But can I just tell you I cursed this thing up and down. You think hanging wallpaper is easy....ummm think again. You have to line everything up perfectly or it looks foolish. So I felt like I  wasted alot of the paper. Probably because I was totally doing it for the first time, by myself. It turned out darling though!!!


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