Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Did You Know???

So my mom has got me hooked on Doterra Products. Growing up she was kinda a herb gal, which I have never really been. But the older I get and having kids the more I lean into them! God put them on this earth for a reason , and I am proud of Doterra for putting them into use!
 Don't worry I still am so grateful for modern meds too. :)
 Scince I have done hair for 15years my liver has really suffered. With all the chemicals that I get on my hands and breathe in. Sometimes I wonder if that is part of my health problems. Anyways I saw this article and thought I'd share.! I love there products! Last night we had scouts and I had the worst migrane, the kind that makes you want to barf! So when I went to bed I rubbed peppermint on my temples and neck. It feels so good and totally helped my headache. 
It truly is heaven sent! If you haven't tryed there products you should!!!


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