Thursday, January 9, 2014

Desk Referb

I swear I have a makeover issue with all things. My oldest son is always asking why I move the furniture around (I say its so i can clean under it ,but really I love change.)
 Well honestly I don't know why. I think i have an Add problem. 
So moving on my most favorite thing is to get out and referb something amazing. I have had this old vanity from my grandma. It was in my salon but I decided to bring it upstairs and referb it. It turned out awesome. All I did was remove all hardware, sandlightly, paint with a primer. On this project i actually used spray paint. It goes on great and is easy to use. 
Before drawers with old knobs
Before, I had to take it apart to get it out of my door easliy.
 After... I know awesome right and my most favorite part is going to hobby lobby in there knob section. They have every kind of knob a girl could dream of. finished project checked off the list. Next my reveal of my christmas present from mr.J another refurb.!


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