Friday, January 10, 2014

Get your Lipstick On!!!

 Looking at these pictures Im totally laughing because I look so serious, or mean .But really I'm just trying to focus on taking my own picture which is alot harder than it looks Lol. Yes, these are selfies so don't judge, and my skin is so dry because Im using Retine on my skin, plus its winter. 
So this year Bright & Nude Lipsticks are in! I thought Id show you a few that are inexpensive and are my favorites. I don't have a bunch of money I can go buy on Mac products even though they are awesome. I do love Clinique and estee Lauder every now and then. So for now until that money is in the budget the local stores will do for me. So here we go.
"Pink pout " by Revlon  ...Its more of a matte finish and a soft pink

Next up is Wet and Wilds "Bare it all " It is a matte nude color.

 This is a fun one it is "Pearly Pink" By Maybelline
It has a Frosty sheen to it.

 I really like to use lip liners to to outline the lips and give them definition. 
This is a cheap one its kind of a purple color I couldn't find the name.
 In this picture I used both products the wet and wild lip liner thent he pearly pink over the top.

 Going Brighter this is "Wild Orchid by Revlon it is bright and fun

 This next one is a show stopper "Rose Bud " in the new line Flower
I have to laugh because I wore this on sunday and you can totally tell if people are like eww, or they will smile back at you and like it . (Personally I really dont care what people think.)
 By dang if it makes you feel better to brighten up your sassy lips then by all means do it !


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