Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Knot....

This is like one of the easiest hairstyles. I used to love to do knots in all the girls hair for prom. That was the funnest times in the salon. Because you can create something so beautiful. So the other morning we were running late for school . I took a section and divided it into two and just started tying knots. It turned out so cute and was so easy. I am so jelous of my daughters hair. Its so thick and beautiful.!  Mine is thin and way over colored.  S said she had a ton of compliments at school.
 That will make a girl feel good!

 This little number didn't take long either. I did a side pony tail on the left, braided it then connected it on the right side with an elastic. swung it around and bobby pinned it. Have i mentioned how much I love bobby pins . They will be your lifesaver I promise you . ! stuck a huge white bow in and taddaa beautiful!


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