Friday, January 17, 2014

Workin It out!

So I  set a goal for myself back in Nov. That i would at least excercise three times a week. Well that has turned into everyday. And has even rubbed off on my hubby. We put the kids to bed and together go downstairs on the treadmill/eliptical. Yes its 9:00 p.m. and im so tired. But it has been so good to have something we do together. Mr. J works so much, and im so busy doing the mom thing sometimes we don't make time together. So this has been so awesome and i am so proud of him. He told me I was his inspiration to get back in shape (and hes not big or anything, just didn't feel good).
Exercise is so good for you. Its seriously a breath of fresh air. The stress you burn off and endorphines you feel are awesome. Plus you feel better about yourself. so for me excercise is a win all! And I secretly want my bikini body back for vaca this summer. Three kids will take its toll.
 I hope it can be for you to. I am not a professional trainer! I just do whats comfortable for me. I also eat pretty clean, lots of greens, water and no breads/sugar. For me I just feel better off the grains. I have been tested for ciliac but it came back neg. So i decided to try reducing breads ect. I feel so much better. So I must have sometype of gluten sensitivity.
Here is my routiune.
My routiune isn't always the same. But here is what I've mostly been doing.
 I either run or do the treadmill for 20 min. walk/run/cool down
 5lb weights   30 tricep curls x 2 reps
5lb weights 30 bicep curls x2
40 sec Plank x2
These I don't have a set number I just go until im done.
sit ups
Russian twists (I love these)
After Cardio I always do weights and incorporate all of these or others to help tone the muscle.
 I love the way I feel after I workout! I challenge you to do the same.
You will have more confidence in yourslef and just feel better. So go get your workout on!!!


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