Monday, February 17, 2014

Bear Birthday!

Im not gonna lie! I cryed quietly yesterday as I remembered this special day four years ago! 
It was awesome! And boy was he a beautiful baby, All the nurses swooned over him! As did I!
 He was so Handsome!  He decided last minute he wanted a bear cakefor his birthday! Which I am so not a Betty crocker, I do try.But I'm no professional. 
My sister in law (heidi) if your  reading this. 
She is a baker! I secretly wish she would write a cookbook or open a bakery because she is a Bettycrocker fur sure!!!
So I made two 8in rounds then I just cut out the ears and nose of one of them after they cooled.  I used chocolate sprinkles for his fur and jr mints for the eyes. The cupcakes I used a miniature mint patty for the center and junior mints for the other! They turned out pretty cute and were fun to make! 
If you do not own a Best Bites Recipe book you are missing out! There is nothing like Homemade frosting! This is the recipe I used is so yummy! I could like the spoons clean! 


1/2    cup    butter ( or margarine, softened ) 
1/4    cup    milk 
1 1/2    teaspoons    vanilla extract 
3    tablespoons    cocoa powder 
3    cups    powdered sugar 

As for my lil red ! I am so grateful he is in our family! 
He melts my heart everyday! I am so grateful the Lord blessed us with him!
Happy Birthday Buddy!


  1. You are adorable. I wish I was as good as you claim I am. I appreciate you kindness and love. You are amazing in all you do. This is a great blog. Love you!

  2. Im not sugar coating it sis! you really do have a talent in bakeing! (cookbook seriously think about it , it would have rav reviews!) lv ya too :)