Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Frozen Birthday!

Isn't it crazy how one second your holding a sweet newborn baby. Then boom just like that there 7 yrs old. I can't believe my lil girl is seven. It has literally flown before my eyes. She is in love with frozen everything so that is the theme from her party. 
Here are some fun things that we came up with for the party. 
Her cake
 I looked everywhere for party decor. And wall mart had nothing, neither did any of the party stores so this is what we came up with. we made the giant snowflake. Then at wall mart we bought these white doilies and made them into snowflakes.

 Blue sheet paper flower

 Instead of cupcakes we decided on doughnuts and milk. Easy and they loved them!
 For the games I got posterboard and I attempted to draw Olaf. We played a bean bag game through the first one then pin the carrot on olaf for the second! They loved it!
 Next I am a genius I swear (not) I made these Bingo cards on my computer printed them out laminated all of them. As I was looking I figured out something awesome! I had made them all the same. Duh
But we played anyway and the kids thought it was quite comical. Im glad because I was about ready to cry when I figured this out! It was so fun and so good to be over with. Two birthdays in a row are exhausting!


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