Thursday, February 27, 2014


Oh man Its been one of those mornings, Its raining outside and I wanted to just ignore my alarm clock and stay in my warm bed. Last night was ridiculous with my four yr old. He got up like 4 times. His blanket fell off, then he had to pee, then he was itchy so I changed his Pjs, then he wanted lotion! AHHHHHH. More on his side the poor kid does have eczema and when it flares it flares. So Im a bit tired today! 
This morning I did two ponytails then I divided them in half and started knotting them. The first pony I pinned upward the second pony I pinned across. Easy peasy and your done!
I have no clue why this is still crooked. Oh well

 Pinned hair up and down, then second pony left side over then pin
 Flower in middle your done! :)


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