Friday, February 28, 2014

Scout Blue and Gold

So we did our blue and gold this last Tuesday! We have a great committee that is so willing! The primary helped hugely on this one. Lauren if you read this you did amazing! The theme was At the beach!
They wanted each boy to make and decorate there own cake with that theme. we had almost every boy decorate there own and it was awesome! Wish I had more pictures! 
This is my daughter surfing! Lauren made this homemade surf board. We did have a few injuries but it was a huge hit! It was a fun night , glad its over!!!
 Decorations were these darling jars with sand/shells. And lots of umbrellas and towels.
 We had chips, salads, jimmy johns sandwiches. and about 100 sodas! That were gone in a flash!
 This is my 9yr old cake he did all by himself! It was awesome. He made all the lego pieces and put them where he wanted. 

 He is so talented! Love him! 


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