Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love me some kiddos & magic ink remover!

So I love my kids with all my heart! And today I discovered something that's was quite artistic!
I found this lovely painting above my bed. My 4yr old drew it and he said it was a picture of his dad! How nice huh! I was actually laughing , it is pretty cute and as much as I loved it it had to go! 
Also The lil stink drew on my new sheets!!!!That I'm not sure will come out, life with kids love it! 
So the first week we moved into our house my sister came to visit from Hawaii and her little girl got a crayon and drew a line as she was walking down my hallway. I thought I might die! Ive heard that the magic erasers can take paint off, and my walls were only couple weeks old of fresh paint. So I scrubbed with water/soap nothing , then I remembered that hairspray seriously takes anything off. 
So I used it and it worked. That's exactly what I did today! 
 This is by far is my favorite hairspray. I have used it in my salon for years. 
 Grabbed the bed head hairspray and a rag

 spray directly on the wall and start wiping!
 Yes friends it worked the wall was a bit sticky so I cleaned it again with soap and water. I think its all the alcohol in the spray that pulls the ink off! Thank goodness it worked and that he didn't decide to color on my pictures above it. Love me some kiddos!


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