Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wallmart & Hearty Hearts!

I had to run to wall mart and it was mass chaos of a million people running around trying to find that certain something for there lover. The card section was ....CRAZY! I was there because two of my Babies have birthdays this weekend (stay tuned for that)). Then the cashier as rude as rude was getting mad at me because I had price matches. She was basically telling me that I don't know what the Hay I'm doing. So I bagged most of the coupons just to get out of there. The combo of that and a 3yr old begging for a treat had me a bit anxious! LOVE that store.. :(
Moving on.....
Today we were in a bit of a hurry this morning., (my bad) . 
 I hurried and put her hair in just one ponytail split in two sections twisted each section  wrapped it around and pinned it. tada!!!
R u ready for valentines day? 

I love this quote!!! from :moneysavingmom


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