Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wrap it around Heart!

 First hows that exercise going? I did a post a while back about getting in shape! I will say after two months of achy muscles I am finally seeing results and I am pumped even more to get a toner body. 
So if your discouraged Don't quit. Everything good comes in time! 
Alot of my things I create by myself and this is one of them. 
I call it the wrap around heart.
 I love lovers week don't you!
Start by taking three sections into ponytails. Tuck the pony up through the center like in the other posts.( I really need to invest in a Topsy tail because that is what it does a bit easier) moving on...
 split the ponytail in two sections. Dutch braid or braid them
 Braid all three sections, connect at bottom of hair
push braids up making it look like a heart and bobby pin down
 This turned out so cute~
 I put little berets in to cover up the elastic that I used. So cute and so good for lovers week . The end


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