Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Knotted mohawk

First I just have to say how full my heart was sunday. I think all moms should be given the extra love everyday that we get on mothers day. My kids made the cutest cards , the whole day was just awesome! Full that's where my heart was absolutely full. Im so grateful for all of those women in my life and that the lord saw me fit to be a mother.
ok so my nine yr old took these with my phone so there not great but you get the idea
I call this the knotted mohawk. Start by taking the middle top section and make two sections and make a knot. Grab more hair into the same section from right side and left. Kind of like you would a braid, but Knot it. 

 Keep knotting, all the way to the base of the head just the Mohawk section.
 when you get to the base of the head put it in a pony tail elastic. Next wrap it into a bun and secure with another elastic. It is a bit loose but that is the look I wanted, you can secure the knots with my fav bobby pins if need be. Pretty cute huh?
                                                            The knotted Mohawk


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