Friday, May 9, 2014

Fishtail ponytail

                         So I'm hoping this is somewhat self explanatory from the pictures I took~
 Start by pulling the hair into a ponytail. I did a side ponytail so that the braid would be seen in front also.
Next take a section from behind the ponytail
wrap it around the elastic until you come to the end of the hair.

 Use my Favorite thing on this earth. Bobbypins to secure the hair to the elastic, Hiding the elastic.
Next divide the pony in two sections
Bring one piece from the right side over to the left
                                then take a section from the left over top of the right you just did
 continue with just these two pieces until you are out of hair and put elastic at the bottom. Its fairly simple and turned out pretty cute!

                                                                       Fishtail pony



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