Thursday, May 8, 2014

Red Balloons for Ryan

I came across this story today Im sitting  here looking at my 4yr old redheaded son and my heart is aching for this lil family.
 I have this feeling that I need to share! This sweet family from the blog. BABY BOY lost there little boy last week when he was hit by a car. Isn't he beautiful! I know the power of prayer and I know that the lord listens to us even when we feel so alone. I know the comfort that prayers can bring.I hope we can extend a prayer to this family so that they will have peace with this tragedy!

ryan collage 2

You can check out more of the story from her friends blog .Red Balloons for Ryan
The lord has his own plan and it really is confusing sometimes, one day we will understand it all.
But for now go hug/love on your little ones.


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