Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vacation. upide down braid

Last week we  took our kids to california. !~ It was so well needed for our family. I swear I feel rebooted. I love the ocean and would move there if I could or just have a second home there. .
I love the seasons and the mountians in my backyard to much to move just yet.
I need to start taking more pictures.
Today I did an upside down braid. Yes it was hard I made my daughter tip her head upside down then I stood above her to braid a dutch braid. Then secured it with a pony tail half way up.THen I  finished braiding the rest of the pony tail , then pinned it into a bun. I could of done a better job on the dutch but it was kinda hard. But I will master it hopefully.!

 I had to add this one in because it so cute. Normally she lays on the concrete but its been rainy so she jumped up on the bench and got comfy! Were hoping she will give us a liter of pups this summer!


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