Monday, June 16, 2014

Heaven is Here

This weekend was so fun . We spent lots of time together as a family! Weekends always go by way to fast for me and mr.J. Before you know it its back into the grind for the next week. Saturday we decided to take the kids to the movie. They wanted to watch Heaven is Here. It was a bit slow but such a good show. We all teared up a bit.
Ive been trying to not eat so much stinking sugar. Somedays are better than others and thats ok. This weekend these were my Nemisus! If you have never taken a bite of these tasty treats well your missing out! They are called Chocolate coverd cinnamon bears and boy are they so addicting.! I gave half of them away to my grandpa because I felt so guilty eating so many~ Indulge if you ever have the chance there worth every second of bliss!


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