Friday, June 13, 2014

Making the most of your days, Farm life

A couple nights ago I took my grandma over some soup. She has had pneumonia. Last night I got a call that they admitted her to the hospital and are treating her for congestive heart failure? I feel guilty , guilty that I haven't spent the time with them as I probably should have. I hope shes ok and all goes well. Life is so fragile, It goes by way to fast. Make the most of your days please!!!
 Last night our baseball team finally won there first game. We have been so close but finally did it. The boys were so so excited I wish I would of had my camera with me.
The joy on there faces was Priceless!
  Lately on the farm we have been really busy to! It seems to take up our Saturdays full swing. Which is ok. I love being outside working. It is so therapeutic to me.! Id rather work in the garden than do dishes ten times over. Our choc lab loves to be right up against the four wheeler or tractor running. I love watching her have her own space and run freely as she chooses. We live in the most beautiful world. If you haven't taken the time to walk outside or sit quietly and just listen to the sounds, I strongly suggest it. All of the meadow larks are out and that to me reminds me its summer. They have the most beautiful singing voice for a bird.


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