Wednesday, July 16, 2014

fighting the perfect woman

So today we went to the pool which we do alot in the summer. I was sitting there looking at my imperfections which we all have. I feel like I am an average woman Im not overweight just trying to feel better in my own skin after three kids. I was thinking why do we as women beat ourselves up over are little imperfections? Why? Why do we beat ourselves up if were not pure muscle and 120 lbs like we were when we were in high school. Or perfect like that bikini model next door? I hate that we do this to ourselves, that we compare ourselves to other people in all categories of life, yes its in our nature. This doesn't bring us happiness. We as women need to own our scars, our stretch marks, our imperfections because those things have made us who we are today. They have made you a mother,  a fighter ,a beautiful woman. It doesn't mean you don't take care of yourself, You do .
Tomorrow my goal is to not compare myself, I'm going to try harder to just be happy with me. I am who I am. Yes, There is always room for improvement , no I will never be perfect but I can be happy in my own beautiful skin. And that is what I will do.
Take this challenge with me and love yourself, improve on some things and  just  love who you are!!!

I love this quote by Thomas S monson.

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