Friday, August 1, 2014

Braid in a Braid

I haven't posted for a while. We've been so busy with getting ready for school and saying goodbye to cousins that live in Hawaii. And trying to finish out the rest of the summer with all around fun !
 So this lil Hair did is so easy anyone can do it!
                                                          Start with a High pony tail
                                              Take one section out of the pony and Braid it

Then Use the braided section as part of a normal braid, Then braid them all together!~

So cute and so simple!~~~
BTW if you live in Utah and are looking for something cool to do with the kids! There is a great thing happening at BYU museum of art. They have a whole bunch of costumes from various movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean, pride n prejudice, phantom, etc. It was so neat to see them up close the talent these designers have is incredible. 
And its free! Take advantage Byu always has great things like this!
BTW if


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