Wednesday, January 14, 2015

playing catch up~

I cant believe it has been since august that I have done a post. I don't know who looks at this , but for me its a bit of a journal in my world. Ive been so stressed out lately. I was born with the worry of my father (lucky me) no really the older i get the worse it gets. Thanks dad! I'm trying to figure out where i fit now that my little guy is in school part day. Do i want to go Gun ho again in the salon, do i want a whole new job, do i want a job, can we make it without the money. Grrr all these questions plague me everyday.  I was sitting watching my lilred play with his Lego's free of any worry. O how I want that back again. To just be a kid and have no worries but what my next meal will be and what i will play with next! lol. So that's where I'm at.... Ill get it hopefully sooner than later. A few fun pictures to get us up to speed. New years party, It was fun we had fondue and just hung out with our kids!  Mr.J even participated ( he hates pictures)
I always dress up for Halloween . It is so fun and my kids love it! This year I choose Medusa the snake queen. I used a panty hose and got a stencil brush and made my makeup look scaly that way.Then i bought the snakes and bobby pined them in my hair.It was a hit !

I'm totally conquering the dutch braid. I have said before that braiding was my fault in beauty school , I hated them, avoided them at all costs. But i have come to love them, so many options and so pretty. Really all it takes is practice. 


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