Friday, January 16, 2015

Two Braided tucked Dutch........

Please ignore my parting her hair was so matted and we were in a hurry so don't judge Ha!
 I swear this girl rolls on her head at night! So remember what I've said in previous posts about dutch braids. The Dutch braid is just a regular braid but instead of placing the strands on top of each other , you go under each other. Trust me this took me a bit to grasp! But practice makes perfect!
 My daughters hair is so thick so that helps the braid stand out a bit more, I think dutch braids are so beautiful! So in this picture when I was all done braiding, I looped the end of the hair back through the elastic so it wasn't straight. Then I got a larger bobby pin and tucked the hair underneath and pinned. Then I fastened the rest with more bobby pins so it would last through the school day. 
Now start on the next side! I also added a cute owl Barrett, I'm taking full advantage of the bows while I  can. I know the time of Big bow days is soon fading!


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