Monday, March 9, 2015

All tied together Dutch Braid

First off if you haven't heard of this story you must toddler trapped in water in spanish fork ut . My brother in law was one of the fire men there helping! What an amazing story.
 The lord always seems to send mighty miracles , at just the right time! I pray that little girl keeps fighting for her life! And for the family that lost a daughter .
Ok for this braid I got a little bit crafty haha! Ill walk you through it with these pictures. 
part the hair in three sections.
 Do a dutch braid. Remember a dutch braid is just like a real braid only you braid under instead of over each strand. That is what makes it pop out. 

 Now you should have three dutch braids on the head
 Carefully pull the strands to make them look looser.
 Take a few bobby pins and pin together so it looks like on giant braid. 
 So pretty right! Follow me on instagram for more of these awesome ideas! 


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