Monday, June 30, 2014

Boho Braid

So Yesterday for church I was just messing around with my daughters hair and this is what I came up with.... I really need to use my real camera but my phone is so easy. 
But there not the best pictures sorry.
Start with a side french braid leaving out a section on top for a fishtail. Secure the braid at the bottom with an elastic when your done.
                                         Fishtail the top of the hair you sectioned out earlier
I did loosen it a bit so it wasn't so tight.
Then I put an elastic on the end of the fishtail then secure the fishtail inside  the top of the braid with somebobby pins so the ealstic is hidden.

Turned out pretty cute. It was a bit loose but thats the way I wanted it to look. 


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