Friday, June 27, 2014

Fish Tail!

Its a fish tail kinda day! :) ITs a bit chilly today which I love! You don't have to watch the dollar bills fly out of the air conditioner , you get to open the windows and smell the fresh pavement from the rain. and it makes you want to be lazy. But my kids are a bit bored I just sent them upstairs to play legos nicley together. Well see how long it lasts.
So Yesterday I decided to throw in a few quick braids again to get her hair out of her face. I did  two dutch braids coming from both sides then connecting in the middle. It wasn't for show, she was just playing . So today when we took it out it was wavy.

 But Today is a fish tail kinda day. I threw this dandy together to get my hair out of my eyes. My hair is drivin me nuttso latley I really wish it was long again. But im gonna have to be patient.

                                                                         FISHTAIL Bangs

                                                          Waves from previase braid.

                                                     Take a section and split it in two.
                                   Take the underside hair from the left sectionand bring it ontop of the rightsection.
                                  Keep goin criss cross thats what I think of when Im fishtailing.,
                                                                 This is a tight one....
                          Or you can gently loosen it by pulling on the outer hair carefully


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