Friday, June 6, 2014

Croup and the Allergist

I tell you its like a thunder bolt awakening you in the middle of the night when I hear that cough. My lil red has been sick since Tues. Wed night he woke me up with that horrid cough. The one that sends panic into my heart. I don't know why my boys have been more susceptible to croup. But it shakes me every time I hear it. The quick running of the shower can't come fast enough to make steam in the middle of the night. .... Hes feeling better today I just hate croup hate it! We also went to the Allergist today that was a first time of fun fun! Not. I had to hold my baby down while they poked his tiny back thirty times. Yes it had to be done his allergies are out of control. Did I hate it yes I did. All in all Im glad its Friday and things are settling down a bit.
I found this picture of my in my Fedora Hat one of my favs. Do you have a favorite hat?


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