Monday, June 9, 2014

Kissing & More Hair

Latley I feel like me and my hubs are a bit off. Were not taking the time to be more affectionate which bugs me. Were always in a hurry . Ignore his not so clean shavin face .So today before I left the house I planted a big kiss on his cheek so he could wear it all day to remind him of me!!! He didn't really leave it on, but it was worth a try and the kids liked it .
 Saturdays are usually an outside day! We start early and don't come in till our bodies have had enough. Yard work is never ceasing but it for me is so theraputic in its own way. So saturday after showers I tried this lil do did on my lil sophs hair. It was damp . I just took two sections and twisted them tightly.
 I made four sections and yes I tightened them before I pinned them.
 Then start pinning them ontop of her head so she can still sleep at night.

This is how it looked when I was done. It dosn't matter how you pin it your going to bed .
 This is how it turned out. Not to bad for a lil experiment. It looks permed.  It was easy for church thats all that matters right????


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