Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soft natural curls and Summer Leggings

 Btw did any of you see the Miss USA pageant on Sunday.... Me and my kids watched it funny huh!~ I knew miss Nevada would win! Can I just say GORGEOUS! HELLO! Anyway
I love my hair being short but I'm kinda missing my long hair now its summer. It was so easy to pull up in a braid or top knot. Now I have to use a million bobby pins just to get it all off my neck. But thats ok. My Hair today is second day hair. Which in my language is I haven't washed it for two days. 
The first day I wore it straight and today this is how I did it. 
Right after I showered the first day I apply the matrix Amplify mousse. I love this line of product. It smells awesome and gets the job done.  Then I blow it out straight. So by the second day I still have product in it. I use my one inch barrel iron and take sections, I always curl my hair away from my face. In this pictue I pinned my bangs back because they were driving me a bit batty.I twisted them and used a bobby pin to secure them back. I always use my Hard Head hairspray By TIGI.  I know that you can purchase these products in general stores, but please don't! They most likely are black marketed and who knows what they have diluted them with. 
Always get your professional product from your fav salon or hairstylist. 
Yes my head got cut off in this photo but its ok because I, bragging about this outfit. I know its summer,  But these leggings are the softest and most comfy I have ever tried on. EVER!!! I got them at a store called Contagious, one of my fav stores! There bright, fun and so smooth~ My four yr old loves to rub my legs when I wear them, He loves soft things kinda funny! Happy Tuesday!


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