Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Barbie PonyTail

I swear now that my kids are home time goes by fast for me. Its already time to start thinking about dinner and Im still in slow motion? I love that we don't have to hurry out the door in the morning but Ive got to figure out a better system. I think ive hear IM BORED about 50 times from my 9 yr old and its only been a week out of school. Ive planned at least one fun activity a day. We have already gone swimming, picnic in the park. snowcones. Today we painted rocks for a sweet game were making for our backyard. Plus we have baseball three times a week. How could they be bored????????????
Today we did something easy and fast while my lil sissys hair was still damp. I pulled it into a tight ponytail then you just add elastics down the center. I actually loosened each section so it would have a bubble look. I call it the Barbie pony. She def has babrie hair, thick and gorgeous.


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